Why Your Facility Needs Our Mobile Machine Shop

What is a mobile machine shop?

When you work with us, it’s a customized 53-foot trailer equipped with an 18-inch swing lathe, 42-inch milling machine, welder, sandblaster, hydraulic press, workbenches, and a wide range of hand tools. To put it simply; it’s everything you need to fix your problems, but kept right on-site.

Sometimes we need to bring our expertise and resources directly to our clients. Our mobile machine shops allow us to work on-location and under customer supervision to ensure we meet their expectations. Customer parts do not leave the site and we can staff these with highly trained machinists 24 hours per day.

Are you convinced of the benefits of on-site repairs? If not, let’s dive into the significant advantages that this investment will give your plant or facility.

Expertise, On-Site

When you invest in our mobile machine shop, you’re also investing in our people and the expertise they bring to your worksite. Our mobile shop isn’t just about the vast array of tools you have available at your fingertips, but the seasoned machinists and valve technicians that will be using them. Even better, we’re there to actively answer any questions and solve quick problems along the way.

Get Back on Track as Fast as Possible

Problems are inevitable, and pretty much expected when you’re working at a plant or facility. The wear and tear coupled with the conditions of your work mean that parts frequently need to be repaired or replaced. As soon as you come to terms with that inevitability, the happier you’ll be as a site manager.

However, what if you knew that you had a mobile crew of problem solvers and the tools they need to fix your problems as soon as quickly as possible? The peace of mind is valuable, but so is the speed at which you get things moving again.

No Need to Transport Parts

The logistics of transporting parts in need of repair (or their replacements) is another headache (and cost) on top of many others when you’re just trying to get through another day. Removing the need to transport parts to and from your facility means less of a logistical nightmare while keeping downtime at a minimum in the process.

You Stay in Control

When you plan for contingencies, you give yourself back the control of your plant or facility. Repairs will always be needed, but what isn’t needed are the logistical concerns, transportation time and cost, downtime, and complications of getting your machinery back in working condition in time to be back up and running.

Our Mobile Machine Shop Gives You the Flexibility to Improvise

More control means you can have the confidence to think outside of the box. When repairs are on-site and streamlined then you can feel confident to take more preventative measures that could further improve the flow and productivity of your plant or facility down the line.

Less Downtime, Higher Productivity

Less downtime is one thing, but what if you were more productive as a baseline? When you have control of your repair and maintenance, you introduce a higher rate of productivity to your process. The more you plan, the higher your rate of success; it’s really that simple.

Combine With our Outage Planning Services for a Drastic Increase in Efficiency

We offer our experience and insight in supporting your company’s outage planning to ensure the process results in the minimal disruption of your operation. We will develop your outage work scope to maximize your budget allowance, reduce cost of ownership, and improve plant efficiency. When you combine our outage planning services with our mobile machine shops, you’ll get the most out of your budget and can be confident you’re receiving the resources and personnel needed to ensure your outage is a success.

Are you looking to learn more about our mobile machine shops for on-site repairs? Reach out to us.