Safety valves are used in a variety of industrial applications to include air/gas, vapor, steam, and liquid service, among many more. These pressure relief valves are critical to the safe operation of our customer’s equipment and provide—as their name implies—a safety measure that can reduce the number of risks that can threaten both your personnel and facilities.

Millennium Power Services’ safety valve technicians will get your valves tested, repaired, and quickly set to the exact specifications. We serve as your knowledge partner and will also evaluate the repair condition of every valve and make recommendations as needed to help you make the best decisions.

Here are some more reasons to consider Millennium Power Services’ repair and testing:

  • We are Certfied by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. (National Board VR Stamp #744, T/O Stamp #9, UV, ASME)

  • Our employees endure a vigorous training and have extensive experience with many valve brands and sizes

  • We offer full VR Shop repair and testing as well as on-site repair and AVK field testing

  • Portable nitrogen test stand

  • We offer full VR Shop repair and testing as well as on-site repair and AVK testing

  • We offer free Safety Valve Inspections on-site to help your plant meet local, state, and insurance requirements

We currently offer the following options for safety valve repair and testing:

  • ASME and National Board Certified Shop with a steam boiler to quickly meet your safety valve repair and testing needs to reduce downtime.

  • Full On-site testing capabilities for safety valve repair and AVK testing.

  • New Safety Valves available to meet customer needs.

Millennium Power Services has all of your safety valve needs covered, from normal yearly testing to emergency turn around situations, to new safety valves. Don’t hesitate to consult with us about any safety valve or repair concerns to ensure you can benefit from our extensive knowledge and expertise.

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