Millennium’s customers ship valve assemblies to our shops for inspection, testing, and full repairs. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to quickly manufacture what is needed to repair the valve and actuator in a timely manner along with keeping costs down. We are not at the mercy of OEMs to get parts and repair kits. We can also upgrade valve assemblies with new actuators and positioners to return the best possible product to our customers.

The talent of our people, resources, manufacturing equipment, raw materials, and inventory allows Millennium Power Services to provide repair solutions that provide a total package that far outweighs waiting on OEMs for new products.

Millennium continues to deliver value to customers by applying the industry’s latest valve engineering techniques, some of which we’ve perfected beyond the OEM’s own capabilities. This has allowed us to continue to thrive and grow our business with unmatched performance and quality that is second to none.

Millennium Power Services’ applies a variety of internal protocols and best practices that only a company with our longevity and depth of knowledge can provide. We test for every potential pressure, temperature, or other physical forces that can be possibly tested, thus ensuring the maximum level of safety for any valve system.


Millennium Power Services provides expertise and knowledge in a select assortment of actuators for your industrial applications

As part of our commitment to excellence and service to our customers, Millennium Power Services carries a variety of actuators and parts, allowing us to respond swiftly with the right solution for the job–as in the case of Flowserve Limitorque actuators.

We currently offer the following options and types of actuator equipment:

  • Actuators (multiturn or quarter-turn)

  • Postioners (analog or digital)

  • Gear Boxes multiturn or quarter-turn

Millennium Power Services is proud to partner with Flowserve Limitorque, offering a complete range of actuators for remote-controlled operation in the field, including both intrusive and non-intrusive designs that can serve the needs of the most demanding industrial environments.

We are proud to offer actuators from this world-class manufacturer, which has been in business for almost a century and has been matching their design to the specific needs of industries such as Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Chemical, and many more.

Valve Trim Changes

Millennium Power Services offers a diverse range of valve trim changes, including material upgrades and design changes to help customers address improved longeveity, root cause analysis, appropriate sizing validation, and reduced cost of owernship. We can also help you drill down and analyze the valve system help you to increase performance efficency in your plant

We currently offer the following options in valve trim changes:

  • Root cause analysis

  • Material upgrades

Valve Testing

As part of our thorogh processes and applied best practices, all valves and actuators are fully tested for leaks and function—including air, liquid and steam—as well as ANSI testing on valves, fittings and actuators, as well for pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric actuators.

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