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Our capabilities allow us to manufacture and provide rapid delivery for all of your control valve parts. We will ship your parts to our location at zero cost to you, making it extremely convenient to work with Millennium Power Services as your premier valve support partner. The valve parts will go through our VP2 Parts Program (scanning and data capture) to provide a no-cost inspection that will produce highly detailed reports with root cause analysis and a quote to refurbish or make new.

Our VP2 Parts Program offers you:

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Trusting our experience, our customers asked for a fast, accurate way to replace and/or manufacture valve parts. Our team listened to their needs, then looked for solutions, and we responded. Our cutting-edge, exclusive Millennium Power Services Valve Parts Program (VP2) has been developed to fill those needs.


Our VP2 Parts Program brings an exciting new dimension to the way parts repair and manufacturing is done. 

TrimKit is an innovative program for valve parts replacement that offers considerable time-saving, cost-effective and peace-of-mind when time is of the essence. This ensures that Millennium Power Services can be the only vendor needed for valve parts and a wide range of related consumables.

The way TrimKit works starts by establishing whether Millennium Power Services needs to manufacture or refurbish the valve parts. We then ship it back along with TrimKit, including a protective case containing pistons, gaskets, seals, packing, and whatever meets the valve’s exact specs for a complete reinstallation.

By serving as your single-source vendor—Millennium Power Services simplifies an otherwise complex operation by applying our experience and knowledge. Therefore, TrimKit allows you to:

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At Millennium Power Services, we are proud to be the only company in the country that can provide you with a full offering of products that we can manufacture new. Very few other companies in the country can offer the new products we are able to, while no other companies can offer the extensive selection we do. 

Through our partnerships with manufacturers, we can supply you with a complete range of new valves, safety valves, valve parts, actuators, instruments and controls, and other related products. All new valves and related parts that we manufacture are supplied quickly and cost-effectively. As an aftermarket OEM valve repair and manufacturing outfit, we offer you the convenience of replacement parts that meet or exceed OEM quality and standards, while saving you money and lead times. We employ the absolute best materials for the type of application you seek with the correct tolerance.

All valve parts manufactured by Millennium Power Services include a two-year warranty to further increase your confidence in our products and the benefit they present to your company. We aim at ensuring complete satisfaction and building strong relationships with clients that lead to improved communication and a more streamlined service.

We currently offer the following options and types of new valves and valve parts, manufactured to your specifications:

  • Control valve cages
  • Disc Stacks
  • Control valve stem and plug assemblies
  • Stop valve stems
  • Stem nuts
  • Stop valve discs and plugs
  • Pressure seal rings
  • Balance seals
  • Grafoil seals and packing


All valve parts manufactured by Millennium Power Services include a 2-year warranty to further increase your confidence in our products and the benefit they present to your company.


Our TrimKit program is an innovative solution for valve parts replacement that offers time and cost savings along with a peace of mind. With this program, Millennium Power Services is the only vendor needed for valve parts and all related soft goods. 

How TrimKit Works: 

  • Millennium Power Services determines whether parts need to be manufactured new or can be refurbished
  • Millennium Power Services ships parts back along with the TrimKit itself; a protective case containing pistons, gaskets, seals, packing–whatever meets the valve’s exact specs for complete installation

Our TrimKit program reduces the cost of ownership and increases your valve parts’ life. Once replacement is complete, old parts are packed into the protective TrimKit case and shipped back to us. We proceed to refurbish and/or replace parts and replenish all soft goods. Full reports are included and root cause analysis is done on valve wear and/or failures. Checklists are also included for added verification and for a complete solution that will give you peace of mind. 

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