Millennium Power Services serves a variety of core industries that depend on the quality and performance of industrial valves. Our team of valve engineering experts has the knowledge and access to resources to ensure the best possible solution is delivered on-time and on-budget.

We actively work with customers whose valves are used in these core industries:

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Power Generation Industry

The Power Generation Industry depends on maintaining its equipment available and producing revenue. Millennium Power Services actively works with this industry to deliver expert-level support and services to support customers’ power plants, power stations or independent power production operations.
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Pulp & Paper

Pulp flow from wood processing depend on the reliability of valve equipment and Millennium Power Services brings a breadth of exposure to the harsh conditions its systems endure. From control valves to on-off valves, we can service and repair industrial valves on-site or at one of our facilities.
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Waste to Energy

The recent growth in Waste to Energy plants continues to place high demand on organizations managing waste treatment and WtE processing facilities. The processing of waste often challenges equipment operators with reactive needs and Millennium Power Services can engage and react quickly to help you find effective solutions.
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Biomass Plants

Sustainable and/or renewable energy operations have equal or higher sophistication that the Power Generation industry, requiring a knowledgeable partner who understand how it can best serve their needs. Millennium Power Services is at the forefront of the engineering technology that makes biomass plants deliver the value required by the facilities or communities they serve.
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Process Facilities

America’s process facilities depend on the constant production efforts of its systems to ensure its markets are served effectively and without a hitch. Millennium Power Services has the knowledge and expertise required to serve process engineering and automation systems with a variety of products and services.
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Pharmaceutical Industry

Through our experience and knowledge we support the Pharma Industry’s valve equipment and maintenance with critical-need valve repair services. Our ability to support the Pharmaceutical Industry with our valve repair knowledge and expertise makes us a valuable partner, regardless of the size of your operation.

Given our extensive exposure to industrial environments, Millennium Power Services can support the industrial valve needs of a variety of industries, including those that are not covered above. We invite you to inquire about your specific sector, industry or applications to explore ways our company can serve your specific valve repair needs.

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