Normally turbine valves are repaired by turbine companies—but this is not their core business and they use antiquated methods and equipment. In essence, their employees are trained to work on the turbine itself, rather than the valves, which leads to oversight and lack of sophistication in the solution they provide.

Always keep in mind that turbine repair companies are not interested in doing the valve repair—so you can expect a lower level of expertise being applied in their repair jobs. These companies usually prefer to deal with older turbines and/or smaller turbines instead.

Millennium Power Services has more experience, knowledge, resources, and tooling to properly fix turbine valves. Our VP2 fits in well due to discovery items that can uncover both opportunities and challenges.

We currently offer the following options for turbine valve repair:

  • Valves are our business – We fix valves and turbine valves are no different

  • Field Machining capabilities

  • VP2 Shop support for all parts needs

Another important point of reference is that most turbine companies do not stock turbine valve parts. In such situations, Millennium Power Services can also support all of our customers’ field machine services needed on their valves.

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