At Millennium Power Services, we are committed to supporting the valve repair needs of customers who find themselves in an emergency or critical-need situation. We are no strangers to emergency situations and the industries we serve require us to react as swiftly and effectively as possible to ensure our customers’ success, even if it requires 24/7 support until the job gets done.

We have the best service technicians in the field, highly skilled machinists in our shops, and our VP2 Parts Program to manufacture anything that is needed to repair the valve correctly in a very short time frame. We do not rely on the OEM’s, we handle it 100% in house.

Outages cause equipment to go offline and this requires us to be mindful of the operational and revenue needs of customers, particularly in the Power Generation, Process Facilities, or Pulp & Paper. We actively communicate with our customers’ personnel to provide guidance, which in turn allows us to serve their needs and ensure equipment availability.

We currently offer the following options for emergency situations:

  • High Skilled Valve Technicians that can travel on a moment’s notice.

  • Full manufacturing capabilities to refurbish or manufacture new parts as discovered.

  • New Products in stock when a new valve, safety valve, actuator, or other instrument is needed.

Millennium Power Services understands the demands and challenges that our customers face every day in today’s environment and we pride ourselves on being there when they need us no matter when they call. We are positioned with everything needed: People, Equipment, Machinery, and Knowledge to address and solve their challenges.

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