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  • Pilot operated valves
  • ASME code section V and Section UV

Safety valve maintenance and repair ensures your industrial system will not only remain operational, but also safe for your personnel and the environment. In the event of a failure, a safety valve helps contain the challenge to a specific location or releases pressure to stop it, which also means these devices are subject to extreme duress in industrial environments.

Millennium Power Services offers expert insight into our customer’s needs, supporting the evaluation of specific concerns or mechanical issues with your safety valves. Whether you are performing preventive maintenance or reacting to a malfunction, our team of experts can spring into action and facilitate shop or on-site repairs and testing along with new safety valves.

The Millenium Power Services’ team has the most resources and knowledge in our market to provide the best customer support for all of thir safety valve needs.

We currently offer the following options and types of safety valve equipment:

  • LESER Authorized Repair Center (LARC) – All 4 locations
  • Provide replacement safety valves as needed
  • Work with customers to provide new safety valves for new projects

If you are actively seeking for pressure, relief or safety valves, we invite you to consult with one of our team members at Millennium Power Services. Our unique perspective and exposure to this type of valve equipment can be invaluable for your own personnel, especially for such a critical component in your systems.

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