• Severe duty and general service control valves
  • Steam conditioning valves and desuperheaters
  • Turbine bypass valves
  • Atmospheric vent valves

  • Control valves
  • Eccentric rotary plug valves
  • V-ball control valves

Gate, Globe and check valves ASME classes 150-4500#

  • Pacific® forged high-pressure gate
  • Globe and check valves

  • Metal seated and soft seated ball
  • O-port and knife gate valves

  • Solvent & Pratt: High performance and triple offset butterfly valves
  • Phönix Group valves: gates, globes and checks

  • Metal seated ball valves and ERV valves.

Forum’s ABZ Valves come in a wide variety of sizes and functions. From general purpose to high performance pneumatic and electric, you will find that our valves withstand difficult fluid compositions and high temperature applications.

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