Working closely with our customers, our Millennium Power Services team can evaluate and develop solutions that we can convert into action through our field machining services. This allows us to deliver responsive field machining that meets and exceeds the quality and performance of the OEM.

Field machining performed by Millennium Power Services includes using flange facers, pipe beveling machines, portable milling machines, man way facing machines, and portable key mills. If parts are required for field machining, we can usually ship the same day from one of our locations to maintain the pace of progress and achieve your needs within deadline.

Our field machining services allows us to do more work above and beyond valve repair that our customers enjoy. Today’s customer are looking to reduce the amount of vendors that they use so we offer additional services to make their lives easier. We support projects during the construction phase, through commissioning and then throughout the rest of its operating life.

We currently offer the following options in field machining:

  • Flange Facing and Pipe Beveling

  • Portable Milling Machines, Man Way Facing Machines and Key Mills.

  • On site machining/honing or other large pieces of equipment that are usually in very tough work areas.

  • Quick response to emergency or unplanned situations

  • Dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Our field machining services adhere to industry standards and are performed with Millennium Power Services’ own best practices in mind. This is an influential factor in ensuring that all of the services that we perform live up to the expectations of our customers, regardless of the industry in which they operate.

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