Actuator-Ready and Flexible

Now, swapping or changing actuators won't be costly or time consuming

Simple Maintenance

Designed by those who repair valves, repair are simple as possible

Smart Trim Design

No more long shutdowns, just remove the seat and swap it out

Aftermarket Ease

With everything made in-house in the USA, all parts will always be in stock
Millennium Power valve manufacturer, valve repair services, industrial valve services

MPS-YPG Globe Valve Summary


This high quality, all-American, forged valve is not only tough but is also top of the class for easy maintenance and actuator flexibility. Its removable trim eliminates the need for costly long shutdowns or complete valve replacements. The actuator adaptor plate gives the owner a range of flexibility when choosing to attach a favorite actuator.

Meets all the requirements of ASME B16.34

On-The-Fly Repairs & Service

The new MPS-YPG Globe Valve now makes it easier than ever allowing for fast installation and repairs making it truly field repairable. Our new valve comes actuator-ready which gives more flexibility to power plants and other operations. Our valve is 100% USA-made and machined. We take pride in our ability to machine our valve from raw materials rather than castings and molds like others valves in the industry. 

Our revolutionary valve design, allows for on the fly repairs and maintenance with our repair kits. These kits include everything you will need to service and repair your MPS-YPG Globe Valve. Our design allows for repairs or services to be done within a few short hours versus having to wait until the next outage season.  

Millennium Power valve manufacturer, valve repair services, industrial valve services

How the MPS-YPG Globe Valve Came To be

Incorporated in 2000 by our President Michael Pellegrini, Millennium Power Services (MPS) is a company that offers valve field repair, manufacturing, and problem-solving solutions to customers all over the country.

Growing from a small group of skilled workers to over 100 employees operating three different locations on the east coast, MPS has a reputation for providing top-notch service and unique programs that no other valve repair company or OEM can compete with.

Our team has extensive experience across three generations. Starting with our President’s father Al, who migrated from Scotland to the United States in the 1960’s. Al worked hard and became a leader in the valve repair industry eventually starting his own valve company in the early 1970’s. Michael started working with his father in the 1980’s and then created his own company in 2000, Millennium Power. The Pellegrini family continues its passion and growth in the industry with the addition of Michael’s two sons, Andrew and Nathan Pellegrini.

After 40 years of experience with valves, Michael and the Millennium team have developed a valve design that we believe provides a solution to a very common and recurring problem in the industry. The problem of valves that must be replaced rather than repaired. Our new valve is designed to be truly repairable in the field without the need to be cut out of the line. In addition, our valve is designed to be actuator-ready without the need for modifications.

Westfield MA Millennium Power

MPS Westfield, MA location

Fairfield, ME Millennium Power

MPS Fairfield, ME location

MPS Prince George, VA location

In contrast to the current trend where manufacturers have become engineering and sales groups importing foreign made products with their name on it, the Millennium team has instead returned to a time when manufacturers design and fabricate their own products in-house. It is our firmly held belief that the modern approach doesn’t work for customers, mostly due to supply chain issues, quality issues, and spare parts availability. Our more traditional business model provides an opportunity for the customer to communicate directly with the company that made these valves, right here in the USA, and work directly with the employees that developed the design to help troubleshoot, provide in-stock spare parts, and perform field service.

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