Capability Statement

Millennium Power Services is a full-service parts manufacturing and valve repair company that has serviced a wide range of industries since 2000. Using state of the art technology (3D scanner), MPS is able to produce any part and significantly reduce manufacturing times as well as drive down costs for our customers. Our rapid parts delivery can be shipped anywhere in as little as a few days to a couple of weeks vs 20+ weeks from OEM’s.

Our reputation as a trusted valve repair and parts manufacturer is the source of our continued success. MPS has worked in some of the most complex work scopes in various industries and always deliver within the established deadlines–even for highly demanding short-term requests.

 We will then manufacture any part quickly with precision and deliver with unmatched lead times. Along with scanning, MPS will perform metallurgical and wear analysis and are able to make recommendations on improvements such as various coatings and heat treatments, which extend the operational life of the valve or part in question.

Gov. Business POC: Derek Stafford
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Address: 80 Mainline Dr, Westfield, MA 01085-3314

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Core Competencies

✓ US Made Specialty Parts Manufacturing

✓ Valve Parts Manufacturing

✓ Emergency Work

✓ Full machine shop with 4 locations serving the US

✓ Maritime Insured

✓ (3) Mobile Machine Shops for on-site work

✓ Full Safety Relief Valve Program VR & UV Stamp Holder

✓ Turbine Valve Repair

✓ Metallurgical and Wear Testing

✓ ULTRA high resolution optical scanner and advanced machining equipment

Past Performance

Tecnico Corporation 
Location: Atlantic Beach, FL | Date: 6/25/19
Job Detail: Mass produce 364 new bushing with rings and 182 new rollers for the USS IWO JIMA. Completed in 10 days, OEM estimated 12-16 weeks.
Value: $120,991.00

Dominion Energy 1358 MW 
Location: Brunswick, GA | Date: 6/19/19
Job Detail: Plant Valve Repairs & Parts Mfg.
Value: $1,200,000.00

Department of the Navy 
Location: Boston, MA | Date: 4/19
Job Detail: USS Leroy Grumman Valve Repair & Parts Mfg.
Value: $75,000.00

Mass Maritime Training Ship/Coast Guard 
Location: Boston, MA | Date: 3/19
Job Detail: Valve Repair and Parts Manufacturing
Value: $50,000.00


Rapid Manufacturing with Large Inventory of Raw Materials

✓ Hard Metal Machining (Titanium, Hastelloy, and Stellite Overlays)

✓ Field Services: Addressing On-Site concerns & Quick reaction to specific valve repair or part replacement needs.

✓ Exceptional Value by supplying valves and related parts quickly and cost-effectively

✓ Industrial-Focused

✓ Engineering experts

✓ Extensive range of solutions.

✓ Optimal combination of technology

✓ Agile response and expedited project completion


332510 – Hardware Manufacturing

332721 – Precision Turned Product Manufacturing

332722 – Bolt, Nut, Screw, Rivet, and Washer Manufacturing

332911 – Industrial Valve Manufacturing

332912 – Fluid Power Valve and Hose Manufacturing

423710 – Hardware Merchant Wholesalers

423830 – Industrial Machinery and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers

423840 – Industrial Supplies Merchant Wholesalers

811310 – Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment

3411 – Boring Machines

3413 – Drilling & Tapping Machines

3415 – Grinding Machines

3416 – Lathes

3417 – Milling Machines

3418 – Planers & Shapers

3419 – Miscellaneous Machine Tools

3422 – Rolling Mills & Drawing Machines

3424 – Metal Heat Treating & Non-Thermal Treating Equipment

3426 – Metal Finishing Equipment

3456 – Cutting & Forming tools for Secondary Metalworking Machinery

J048 – Maintenance, Repair, & Rebuilding of Equipment – Value

J044 – Maint., Repair, & Rebuilding of Equip. – Furnace, Steam Plant, & Drying Equip.: Nuclear Reactors

J099 – Maintenance, Repair, & Rebuilding of Equipment – Miscellaneous

3438 – Miscellaneous Welding Equipment

J045 – Maintenance, Repair, & Rebuilding of Equipment – Plumbing, Heating, & Waste Disposal

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