Millennium Power Services strives to provide exceptional quality and performance for our customers—and that sometimes requires that we bring to them our expertise and resources. For this reason, our company specializes in mobile machine shop services that allow us to work on-location and under customer supervision to ensure we meet their expectations. Customer parts do not leave the site and we can staff these with highly trained machinists 24 hours per day.

Our mobile machine shops are configured as a 53’ trailer equipped with an 18” swing lathe, 42” milling machine, welder, sandblaster, hydraulic press, workbenches, and a wide range of hand tools. This arsenal of resources ensures the mobile machine shop is prepared for not only standard operations, but also for the challenges encountered in the field.

Our mobile machine shop services ensure convenience for our customers, but also contributes to a reduction of downtime and consequently a cost-savings factor that ensures their satisfaction.

We currently offer the following benefits and advantages with our mobile machine shop services:

  • Highly skilled Machinists on site to support Valve Technicians and customer needs.
  • Eliminates shipping/transporting parts to an offsite location. Parts stay onsite; allows us to repair valves in less time and reduces the cost of ownership.
  • Support plant needs for other projects. Plants stays in control of the entire work scope/project.

Millennium Power Services also offers flange facers, pipe beveling machines, portable milling machines, man way facing machines, and portable key mills. Overall, our mobile machine shop service offers the capacity to repair nearly every kind of valve without any parts leaving the job site.

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