Texas Case Study: Two-Day Valve Parts Manufacturing & Repair


A customer called in an emergency from Texas on the evening of October 6, 2021. They had tried to have two local companies repair the valve and valve parts and neither company succeeded. The Plant Manager was referred to us from another plant we had worked with.

In less than 36 hours, a two person team was en route to Massachusetts from Texas with the parts that needed to be repaired. The parts arrived at our Westfield, MA shop at 7:00am on Sunday, October 10th. Per the following job report, the parts were beyond repair. Furthermore, the companies that previously tried to repair the parts exacerbated the problem.

The OEM parts turnaround time was a minimum of 12 weeks with a very high expedite fee and no guarantees.


As stated, our team received the parts at 7:00am on Sunday, 10/10/21 and had the report below and a quote prepared at 2:00pm. We received approval one hour later.

  • We manufactured a new packing pusher, plug, stem, and cage. These parts were all ready to ship on 10/11/21.
  • The MPS engineering team wanted several measurements from the valve in the field. We received these measurements and recommended that we manufacture a new seat ring and weld repair the bonnet. The customer agreed since our team identified that there may be excessive clearance on some of the fits.
  • The parts were all finished and sent by to TX on a rush courier on 10/12/21 – two days after the parts arrived at our shop.
  • The plant received the parts and worked with the MPS team during install to ensure everything went perfectly.
  • The plant started back up after minimal downtime and the valve was performing like new again.

All in all, our team at Millennium Power Services pulled the repair off from halfway across the country in a matter of days – saving our customer months of waiting and a substantial amount of money.

View the full case study & job report here.