Fisher Contek Emergency Repair/Rebuild

Millennium Power Services Completes Repair & Rebuild in Less Than Five Days

Millennium Power Services was dispatched to a customer located in the midwest to repair a Fisher Contek valve in line. The cage was stuck inside the valve body. MPS instructed the customer to cut the valve out and have our technicians drive the valve back to our Massachusetts facility.

The valve was cut out on Saturday and driven 14 hours back to MA. The valve arrived on Sunday and the MPS team started to inspect and develop a plan first thing on Monday morning. The customer needed the valve back by Saturday morning. This gave MPS less than five working days to complete the needed repair.

The MPS team engineered new drawings and manufactured the following parts:

  • New Stem
  • New Plug with stellite overlay
  • New seat ring with stellite overlay
  • New cage with nitride treated bore (upgraded from original)
  • New bonnet actuator nut
  • New coupling block
  • New actuator shaft
  • New diffuser
  • New packing pusher

The MPS team was able to recondition the following parts:

  • Weld repair inside of valve body
  • Weld repair bonnet and stuffing box and ID guide

In less than five days, the MPS team essentially built an entirely new, upgraded valve.

There were many hours spent just machining out the old diffuser, bushing, and cage. MPS was able to determine that the OEM had issued upgrades after this valve was produced, so we included these upgrades to give the customer a better valve than what was cut out. 

This was truly an amazing story that MPS pulled off in less than five working days. The valve was fully assembled, tested, and ready to be welded in once received by the customer. The valve was delivered on time and the customer was extremely satisfied.

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