Issues Discovered During Outage

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actuator, plant outage, outage New England, valves, valve repair companyDuring a recent outage at a plant, our team discovered various issues. The most crucial being that the actuator to bonnet retaining nut was not physically attached and therefore the actuator was not attached to the valve. This is an extremely large safety risk as this actuator weighs over 1,100lbs and could potentially fall off the valve.

Our team, led by supervisor Nicholas Cranshaw, found both the bonnet and retaining nut to be damaged beyondpower plant, outage season, valve repair company New England, valves MA field repair. We disassembled the valve and sent all parts back to our shop for repairs. We machined, welded, and thread to size a new retaining nut, refurbished the trim, reassembled the valve and kept the outage on track and on time.

Nick went above and beyond to help the plant on issues outside of our work scope. Nice work Nick and team!