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is an innovative 3-step program offers a fast, accurate way to replace and/or manufacture valve parts, while saving you time, money,
and downtime


  What Parts are included?
  • Cages • Stems • Seat Rings • Plugs • Semi Rings
•  Pressure Seal Bonnets • Stem Nuts • Bushings

How MPS-VP-2 Works:

  1) Collect*. MPS technicians come to your site to collect all pertinent data. This can be done either during an outage, or when valves are in storage.
We will:
  dotScan your existing valve parts using a high-resolution,
spacernon-destructive, 3-D scanner that captures measurements
  dotIdentify the materials composition and accurately analyze
spacertrace elements
  dotIncorporate “intelligent software” with rotary stage functionality    
  dotCheck for hardness using a portable tester    
  dotProvide you with material and hardness reports.    
  2) Store*. We then store all data pertaining to your parts in safe, easy-access computer files that allow for:    
  dotQuick ID by manufacturer’s part number and customer’s valve numberspacer(customer is given matching list)    
  dotData transfer into CAD drawing that has all pertinent information for spacermanufacturing    
  dotUploading data directly to our CDC machines for precision spacerspacermanufacturing as needed.    
  3) Manufacture. Highly trained, experienced machinists and welders produce your finished parts directly from the stored data.    
  dotParts are encrypted with both part number and a serial number for spacereasy future access and accurate traceability.    
  dotMost manufacturing is complete within 7 days due to our
spacerlarge inventory
of raw materials common to the industry.
  dotA combination of CNC and manual machines enable an efficient spacerproduction process.    
  *The Collection and Storage steps of MPS-VP2 are FREE to our customers. In addition, the cost for MPS to Manufacture parts is typically less than OEM pricing.    
  MPS-VP2 features Quality Assurance and Quality Control every step of the way.    
  MPS-VP2 Customer Benefits    
  dotPre-outage forecasting    
  dotReduced inventory    
  dotOrder your parts only as needed    
  dotIn case of forced emergency, parts can be supplied quickly, even on spacerholidays and weekends    
  dotSavings over OEM    
  dotMPS can re-create any OEM part.    
  Benefits of Working with Millennium Power Services    
  dotA comprehensive Equipment Management Site (EMS) is available spacerthrough the Internet. This site enables our customers to quickly view spacerhistory, equipment parts, service reports, scheduling, and more.    
  dotMPS highly trained personnel are specifically skilled in valve spacerspacertraining and safety.    
  dotFor added convenience, three of our Millennium Mobile Machine spacerShops bring top-notch service directly to your job site.    
  Call the Millennium Team to learn more about MPS-VP2 and arrange to take advantage of this time, money, and downtime-saving opportunity.    

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repair valves 

MPS-VP2 TrimKit
Total Valve Parts
Replacement Program

TrimKit is an innovative program for valve parts replacement. Customers save time, save money, and save needless aggravation. MPS
is the only vendor needed for valve parts and all related soft goods.

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