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Millennium Power Services was founded in 2000 by
Michael Pellegrini and Edward Schultz in Westfield, MA.

While still in high school, Mike started disassembling and sandblasting valves at his father’s valve repair company, Monarch Valve. After graduation, he worked in the shop full time, running lathes, milling machines, and repairing valves. By age 19, he ran his father’s shop and handled most of the day-to-day business. Over the next 12 years the business doubled in size and earned a well-respected name in the industry.

Ed began repairing valves in the Navy in 1982. He also learned how to run lathes, VTLs, and milling machines. After his discharge in 1988, he joined Monarch Valve.

For the next decade, Mike and Ed worked together supervising large and small jobs, repairing all types of valves and actuators. In 1999 Mike’s dad sold the company and retired. A year later, Mike and Ed opened their own valve repair company.

Millennium Power Services began with three pick up trucks, one location, eight employees, and a handful of tools. By 2001 Mike and Ed had doubled the staff and completed many successful jobs at paper mills and power plants in the northeast.

In 2004, in Fairfield, Maine, they opened a second shop and hired four safety valve supervisors who set up the test stands that enabled Millennium to receive its National Board VR stamp. Over the next few years the company expanded its service area and customer base, performing jobs throughout the United States, including a year-long project in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 2008, Lakeland, Florida became the home for Millennium’s third shop.

Today, the firm continues to maintain a reputation for quality and service among some of the largest power and paper producers in the country.


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